Monday, October 29, 2007

the 1st time 3 nodes RAC

it was a chance to modify existing RAC environment, especially on production.

existing environment is 2 nodes rac on solaris 9 with oracle clusterware
users asks me to add it become 3 nodes.

the preparation was taken about 1 months, it was testing environment trying to test with some workloads...etc.

and finally they is ok than pls do it on production...
starting from 00:00AM I played with the node addition....
some small trouble was found due to corruption on 2nd node's inventory.
we fixed it by simply copy an xml file from 1st node to 2nd node, and continue.

but after a days we successfully add the 3rd node, I got an message that the node 1 & 2 has been restarting .... hmmmmmmmm amazing.....

digging to the alert log and crs log... open metalink and start browsing .... found some nice bugs......

huh..mann live so so so hard :(

jakarta - indonesia

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